About Us

Welcome to Badges, Etc.

We are proud to offer the very best business cards for badge carrying personnel. We have been doing so for over 30 years and we thank all of you who have been purchasing our cards since the beginning. Our cards are done on the best 100# cover for foil stamping and embossing that we can obtain from the paper manufacturers. We foil stamp and emboss the badge replicas in anywhere from one to four foil colors.

We stock masters for hundreds of agencies. Most are on line, but some are not. Call or e-mail us if you cannot find what you need. Our order quantity is 300/box and multiples thereof. We also do note cards and stationary using the same dies. Thanks for visiting our site. If you are not ready to order at this time, you may download an order form for later or come back to the site when you are ready.

Our cards are made using brass embossing dies that changes the shape of the cardstock itself. It indents the stock upward from the surface of the paper causing a visual and tactile feel to the badge. There are some new processes being marketed to minick the embossing. It involves using a clear coating (UV coating) that is heated to make it stand up off the surface. It is NOT the same thing as our cards. It is not foiled nor embossed. Our method produces the best result but is also the most costly method. We do it that way because we want to deliver the best cards possible for law enforcement business cards and military business cards. Thanks for your business!